Rose perfumes have a special part in the life of a girl. The best rose perfume for women is the one that has all specific ingredients for extracting perfect fragrance for the user. The only factor that is able to extract the perfect outcomes is the ingredients used to design the perfume. Rose is some of those ingredients that help the designers to make a perfume with a charming and sweet smell. There is a prominent number of girls that look for the top 5 rose perfumes for women in 2022-reviews to get the desired product.

This step will help every girl to choose the product for which she dreams. Before going to the main focus of the article that is Top 5 rose perfumes for women in 2022-reviews, we will try to tell you some features about the top selling women perfume. 

How to get top 5 rose perfumes for women in 2022-reviews?

There are multiple features that every woman perfume should have to become the best and admiring product. You will have to read them in the next lines and keep in mind before buying any of the perfume for yourself or for your loving friend. Without wasting any time, let’s read them out properly.

  • There are multiple lists of the most popular women’s perfume in the online market. Be careful while choosing any of them. Multiple collections of products do not be able to give perfect outcomes due to certain reasons. So, choose that product which has an admirable and charming fragrance with being popular among people. 
  • The perfume should be the long lasting perfume for women. As women have to work throughout the day, so the perfume should have a long lifeline that keeps them fresh and attractive for the whole day. 
  • The best perfume for women is the one that has all ingredients at reasonable prices. It means that your selected perfume should be the budget-friendly as well as provide beyond expectation results. 
  • The best perfume for teenage girls is the one that has a suitable intensity of sweet smell. In this way, a girl will be able to use that perfume at your office, house, or anywhere else without feeling uncomfortable.
  • High-intensity fragrances make the user uncomfortable in the party as everyone can feel the intense smell of her perfume. So, choose the perfume with a moderate-intensity level of fragrance to enjoy the party or event properly. 

All the above-mentioned features will help you to select the best and amazing perfume. For your assistance, we have written the top 5 rose perfumes for women in 2022-reviews. Read them and select which one is the best for your event or nature.

1. Ralph Lauren Romance Rose for women

When you are looking for the best perfume for women in romantic dimensions, you should get this product. It is specially designed to give the user a romantic and attractive look. The woman will feel the special guest of the event while using this as everyone will be going to ask her about this amazing fragrance. 

Every list of Top selling women perfume must have this product due to its charm, reasonable price, and extra-ordinary results. 

Ralph Lauren Romance Rose for women


  • The most popular women’s perfume around the world due to romantic nature.
  • Its fragrance includes a rose smell that gives it more charm.
  • Do not think about how to save perfume as it has a special and air tighten cap.
  • Not only for personal use but also an attractive gift.
  • Have a nice and fresh smell that keeps the user active throughout the day.


  • Cannot carry easily because it has a glass bottle that is not feasible for tours luggage.
  • The very simple design of a bottle that does not suit with its fragrance.

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2. Paul smith rose for women

This amazing product was launched in 2007 as a unisex product. It has a very attractive and good looking box of the bottle with a red rose printed on it. As we know women think that the best perfume for women is the one that has an attractive outlook.

All these properties are available in this top selling women perfume. You can buy it from any best store to buy perfume online. 

Paul smith rose for women


  • Long lasting perfume for women in every condition.
  • It is the most popular women’s perfume because of its ingredients and their natural dimensions.
  • Not only best in the sense of fragrance but also the best budget perfume for women.
  • Have feasible dimensions to carry at every place no matter how long you have to travel.
  • Usually, the lifeline of this amazing product may vary from 24-36 hours.
  • Original product by original designers.


  • Lotion and body soap fragrance is also the part of this rose perfume.

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3. Lancome midnight rose perfume for women

The best perfume cologne for women with professional beauty dimensions is available under the above-mentioned name. It is an amazing product with different and special notes for the user. It is also the best romantic wear product. 

When you are looking for the best gift for your girl, you should buy this product. The reason behind this is that you will make her able to love you with this amazing gift in a single glimpse.

Lancome midnight rose perfume for women 


  • One of the top 5 women’s perfume in the entire world.
  • Have multiple dimensions to use and extract perfect outcomes.
  • Especially designed by Lancome for women romantic and casual wearings.
  • Can be used as a common perfume, party wearings, and office wearings.
  • Give a beauty touch to the user with just small drops of perfume.


  • Can burn your flamed body parts due to natural and pure ingredients.

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4. Rose by CHLOE for women

The most popular women’s perfume regarding fragrance, style, and attraction is here. You can get the desired product of your choice with a perfect smell and an attractive look. Its bottle, ingredients, and high-quality ingredients can give you perfect outcomes according to your expectations. 

It is one of those products that are made in France for women by keeping all the natural aspects of women. 

Rose by CHLOE for women


  • Romantic wearings perfume with cute, attractive and amazing fragrance.
  • High-quality natural ingredients.
  • Air tighten the cap of the bottle to save your perfume. 
  • Long lasting perfume for women on the Amazon store.
  • Perfect bottle dimensions to carry even by keeping in your handbag.


  • Not useful for casual wearing because of high-intensity fragrance.

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5. Velvety Rose for women

The only premier beauty product with the extraordinary sweet smell of Rose is Velvety Rose for women. Velvety Rose for women is also a part of Amazon’s choice rank with amazing ingredients. It is the most expensive women’s perfume and provides elegant nature fragrance.

It is also termed as the most dedicated perfume for women in the entire store.

Velvety Rose for women


  • Specific notes with distinct fragrance providing nature.
  • Have floral fragrance along with a prominent touch of red rose.
  • Some drops are enough on neck or pulse for showing perfect and amazing results.
  • Light and sensible fragrance for almost every event.


  • Prominent amount of natural and pure substance can harm your body inflamed parts.

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The above perfumes are the top 5 rose perfumes for women in 2022-reviews. You can choose any of these top 5 women’s perfume for making your girl happy. But keep in mind while selecting all the above features of the most useful perfume for women. 

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