Victoria’s Secret used to be a household name and has influenced the style and taste of millions of people over the decades, being dethroned only recently by Fenty Beauty in the realm of lingerie and designer inner wear. The luxury brand is still quite popular among consumers for creating the best perfumes for young women. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when buying the top 5 best Victoria’s Secret perfumes for young women.

Buyer’s Guidance

The brand has an ultra-feminine persona and the emphasis is on creating sensual and angelic perfumes for women.  The brand is on the luxury side and is created to appeal to women and even men. Despite controversy regarding the groups that Victoria secret represents and caters to, the brand has managed to create some of the best perfumes for young women and is not a brand you can underestimate.

Victoria’s Secret has a wide range of feminine, flirty, playful and sexy scents that women love and even if you are someone who doesn’t like engendering fragrances, women tend to love these despite.

The Victoria secret perfumes are some of the best perfumes for young women. They are bestselling ones and not just because of the hype. They are pleasant on the nerves and have been considered some of the most concentrated perfumes with the best pay off.

The Victoria Secret perfumes end up very easily on the vanities of women all around the world and that is because they smell great. The roller balls are great for taking with you on the go so you can reapply (not that you are going to need it).

 Here are top 5 best Victoria’s Secret perfumes that you must have in your collection

1. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Bombshell by Victoria Secret is easily one of the Best perfumes for teens. It is a feminine classic that you can wear every day to feel like a real life Barbie. The purple passion fruit, Shangrila Peony and Vanilla Orchid create a simple yet exquisite scent. Bombshell is a perfume that you wear when you want to smell amazing and don’t necessarily want to over think it.

The Bombshell has been one of Victoria’s Secret’s Best perfumes for teens and you may wonder why a simple feminine scent like this could gain such popularity? The answer is in its simplicity. Perfumes that are too out there tend to get pushed back on our vanities and it is scents like Bombshell that remain at the forefront front, because those are the best perfumes for teens.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum Spray for Women


  • A sweet and pleasant every day wear perfume
  • Easily one of the best smelling perfume for women
  • A scent to make you feel like a Bombshell
  • Best perfumes for teens


  • A generic Barbie scent that you don’t necessarily need if you already have a simple feminine everyday scent in your collection especially when it can cost you over $50 dollars easily.
  • Not the best price perfume

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2. Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease for Women Eau de Parfum Spray

The Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease is a great mix of fruity and musky with just the right amount of floral to go. The Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear and Gardenia notes create an exquisite mix. The Fruity and floral scent is hard to forget and it is one of Victoria Secret’s best fragrances for women.

Victoria's Secret Noir Tease for Women Eau de Parfum Spray


  • One of the best fragrances for women
  • The floral and woodsy tones are quite exquisite and unique
  • The packaging is amazing and it smells exactly like one of the best fragrances for women.


  • The scent is mixed in a way that although is concentrated, it is not the most powerful and takes a while for it to come through and shine.
  • Not the best price perfume as you would be paying over $50 for it.

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3.Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels ~ Heavenly 2.5 oz Eau de

Looking for a heavenly scent that will make you feel like an angel? Look no further than Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Eau de Parfum. This tantalizing fragrance features a blend of floral and woodsy scents that are sure to please. And at 2.5 ounces, it’s the perfect size to keep in your purse or luggage for on-the-go touchups. So go ahead and indulge yourself with this sweet and sultry fragrance…you deserve it!

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels ~ Heavenly 2.5 oz Eau de


• Smells heavenly
• Perfect size for on-the-go
• Blends floral and woodsy scents
• Available at most major retailers
• Reasonably priced


• Lacks longevity
• May be too sweet for some
• overpowering

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4. Victoria’s Secret Love Star 

Victoria Secret’s Love Star is one of its more grown up fragrances. The scent can easily be considered the sophisticated big sister of bombshell with notes such as Rose Gold Apple, Lily when Night Air. The notes not only create a light, fruity scent but also give it a little bit of mystery that is hard to come by in fruity fragrances.

Victoria's Secret Love Star 



  • A fruity and light hearted scent that you can also wear for a more sophisticated and mysterious vibe
  • Definitely among best smelling perfume for women
  • A perfectly concentrated Victoria Secret perfume that had undeniable quality


The perfume had a generic scent that you can easily buy a dupe for so as to not pay over 50$ for a label. It is not the best price perfume out there.

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5. Victoria ‘s Secret Heavenly Perfume 3.4

Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret is yet another Victoria Secret scent with its White Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla and White Peony notes.

The smell is quite original and makes for the ideal summer scent because of how sweet and light it is. Despite not being the best price perfume. The breezy fragrance tends to be quite long lasting and the more you wear it, the better you like it. This is the kind of scent that grows on you. That’s why it is considered to be one of top 5 best Victoria’s secret perfumes in 2022.

Victoria 's Secret Heavenly Perfume



  • The light breezy scent makes it ideal for the summer
  • A scent that you can build upon
  • One of the best smelling perfume for women


  • The scent is oddly quite similar to the Marc Jacobs for Men which is difficult to justify when it also retails for over $50 and is a scent that you can only wear in the summer months.

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Victoria’s Secret has long been criticized for its stance on the weight of all the Victoria’s Secret models as well as the issues of diversity and inclusiveness for the overall brand. The lingerie line has evidently failed because of its controversial position on transgender and it has since been performing underwhelming compared to many of its competitors such as Fenty X Puma and Calvin Klein.

But are Victoria’s Secret fragrances a part of the problem too. As you can see from our honest and constructive reviews there is much to like about the fragrances and even though they may not be for everyone.


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