Top 5 best lacoste colognes is among the largest fashion brands from France which has been around for a long time. During this time the brand has been around the house of Lacoste has produced numerous fragrances.

The house of Lacoste is no less than a giant in the world of fashion and you must have seen the green crocodile logo. The house of Lacoste was founded by Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier in 1933. The brand started as mainly a luxury tennis sports gear seller and later evolved into a polo staple.

In the 1980’s Lacoste decided to branch out and that has since led to it becoming one of the most iconic sunglasses, shoes, watches, and luxury perfume brands. The house of Lacoste has come up with over 50 different fragrances that are all unique in their own way and incredibly popular. 

Buyers guide to the best inexpensive men’s cologne

  • Lacoste is a brand for those who wish to seem elegant and attractive. Their scents are clean and fresh which makes them so popular.
  • We recommend buying Lacoste because of the variety that it provides but also the signature notes that make the scents stand out from among others. 
  • The scents are highly concentrated and long-lasting. As Lacoste is a luxury brand, we can expect that from it. Luxury brands tend to be very particular about the concentration and quality of their scents. 
  • Luxury perfumes tend to not use harmful chemicals in their fragrances and have to be more transparent about the manufacturing of their products and any unethical practices that went into it. 
  • Lacoste perfumes tend to be some of the best inexpensive men’s cologne that is luxurious in terms of quality. 

Lacoste is known for creating the best inexpensive men’s cologne out there which are luxury when it comes to quality and packaging. 

1. Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Pour Lui Eau De Toilette

The Lacoste Blanc Pour Lui Eau De Toilette is an exquisite mix of grapefruit with a hint of spice and tuberose that makes this scent incredibly clean and crisp. It is easily one of the best men’s cologne with woodsy, floral scents which makes this scent ideal for men who appreciate leathery and suede scents. The unforgettably cool and elegantly audacious scent has the aura of confidence while being an absolute classic. The scent is a clean and cool one making it ideal for wearing to work or class and one of the best men’s cologne. The perfume has an exquisite mix of natural ingredients and it is considered to be top 5 best lacosote colognes in 2020.


  • The clean and crisp scent is ideal for the workplace and even for everyday wear. 
  • The notes are superior and tend to last longer than most perfumes. 
  • The citrusy notes give it a fresh scent that is hard to beat making it one of the best men’s cologne.


  • Despite being one of the best men’s cologne citrusy scents are not the most popular among men. 

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2. Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette for Men

The Lacoste Essential is a soft and masculine fragrance that encapsulates freedom. It helps create a sense of enjoyment in whoever wears the perfume. The scent creates a sense of relaxation and is great for wearing on a busy day to wake up the senses. This perfume gets the best men’s cologne reviews and considered to be top 5 best lacoste colognes in 2020.

The tangerine blossoms are complementary to the woodsy notes that enable the wearer to feel sensual and refreshed. The scent consists of tomato leaves, sandalwood, and patchouli. Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier are some of the most famous fashion houses in the world. The scent is a classic of theirs that is made unique by its beautiful packaging which is why it gets the best men’s cologne reviews.


  • This perfume is a classic and suits all age groups
  • The scent can be worn all day long and you wouldn’t need to reapply it.
  • Base notes of pepper and Rose blend exquisitely with the blackcurrant leaves which is why it gets the best men’s cologne reviews.


  • This scent is sometimes perceived as too soft by men because of its sweet and fruity notes.

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3. Lacoste L.12.12 Magnetic Pour Lui Eau de Toilette

If you are looking for a new, seductive perfume to add to your collection, look no further. The Lacoste L. 12.12. Magnetic Pour Lui is a charismatic scent that couples the masculine fragrance with elegance and charm. The mountain juniper, coupled with violet, patchouli, and amber makes for a magnetic aroma that commands attention. 

This perfume is quite a seductive one but without overdoing it. It is exhilarating and playful while also remaining sophisticated and quintessential overall. We deem this perfume as one of the best men’s fragrances of all time.


  • A seductive yet mature scent that both men and women are attracted to. 
  • The scent has some of the most unique notes and is easily a classic. This makes it easily one of the best men’s fragrances of all time. 
  • The scent is quite refreshing and can be worn all year round which makes it one of the best men’s fragrances of all time. 


  • The Lacoste L.12.12 Magnetic Pour Lui Eau de Toilette might be too excessive and overpowering for someone who prefers scents that are more natural and calming.

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4. Lacoste L!VE Eau de Toilette for Men

The Lacoste L!ve Pour Homme is an urban and chic scent that inspires the eponymous family of Lacoste’s scent. The perfume creates an intoxicating persona of Green Notes and Sea notes which include Licorice, Guaiac Wood making this scene easily the most modern blend of fragrances out there.  

The scent is refreshing and intoxicating and creates the illusion of confidence for any occasion. The Lacoste L!ve is a must-have fragrance for men and one of the best men’s fragrances of all time.


  • A scent that makes you feel confident no matter the occasion making it easily the best inexpensive cologne
  • A charming sent that you can wear all year long 
  • The fragrance has an incredibly unique blend of notes 


  • The scent may be too empowering and attention-grabbing for some who’d rather wear something quiet and toned down. 

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5. Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge Pour Lui Eau de Toilette

The Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge Pour Lui Eau de Toilette is a charming and masculine scent that creates invigorating energy. This perfume is the best inexpensive cologne and by wearing this perfume you can boost your mood easily and no matter what life throws at you this scent can cheer you up as you go. 

The scent is a spicy cocktail of black pepper, ginger, iced tea, cardamon, mandarin liqueur, and a rich woodsy acacia. The notes are perfect for creating a citrusy yet intense scent that is equally as energetic and exotic which is why it is one of the top 5 best lacoste colognes in 2020.


  • The scent is an exotic blend of unique notes that is hard to come by. 
  • The perfume is quite concentrated and you will not need to reapply it unless you shower which makes this the best men’s cologne of all time.


  • The scent contains notes of black pepper and ginger which might make it too intense and spicy for some. 

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These perfumes are unique and contain the most exquisite blend of notes. The packaging for these perfumes is Lacoste perfumes are quite popular among men and women for their charming scents which easily influence the attractiveness of whoever is wearing it. 

These were some of our favorite Lacoste perfumes, let us know what you think about our top 5 best lacoste colognes list in the comments below. 


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