Winter is upon us and as most women do you might be thinking about finding a new scent for yourself. This season calls for fresh and fruity scents that convey freedom and express joy even before you’ve got a chance to actually talk to someone. That is what scents are for, they introduce you before your outfit or manners. In order to make a good impression this summer, we recommend that you try some of our top 5 best coconut perfumes picks and decide what suits your personality the best.

The good thing about top 5 best coconut perfumes is that they are rich, sweet, fruity all at the same time and they give off the kind of fruity vibes that nothing else does. They are ideal for the summer because they are feminine and indulging and without ever overdoing it.

Buyer’s Guidance

Here are some of our top 5 best coconut perfumes that you should try out this summer

When buying a perfume or a cologne ask yourself this, what kind of the first impression does it make? Top 5 best coconut perfume introduces you as someone who is adventurous and inspired but also warm and endearing.

When looking for a summer scent envision being on vacation, trying delicious fruity cocktails, and endless night on the beach. Perfumes that encapsulate the theme of summer are what we are looking for. Coconut perfume sprays are ideal because they will make you feel delicious and carefree at any time.

Concentration is necessary when looking for an ideal perfume to wear. Count tends to smell intense even when administered in small quantities. Therefore, you may ensure that the top 5 best coconut perfumes are a mix of notes that complement each other and that the coconut scent doesn’t stand out awkwardly from among other notes.

1.The Body Shop Coconut Body Mist

The Body Shop’s Coconut Body Mist is a light, refreshing body mist that’s perfect for a quick pick-me-up or to help you transition from day to night. The long-lasting fragrance is infused with fresh coconut, giving you an exotic, tropical scent that lingers all day long. Plus, it’s made with community trade alcohol from Ecuador and community trade sugarcane from Brazil, so you can feel good knowing that your purchase is supporting fair Trade communities.

The Body Shop Coconut Body MistPros

  • Light and fresh body mist.
  • Long-lasting fragrance.
  • Exotic, tropical scent.
  • Infused with fresh coconut.
  • Made with community trade alcohol from Ecuador and community trade sugarcane from Brazil.


  • The packaging is not the most aesthetic and for sun, summery perfume the packaging could have been much more attractive and expressive.

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2. Essentials Lazy Summer Fragrance Mist 

Lazy summer us a light and refreshing summer scent and one of the best Coconut perfume sprays. The scent advocates for a carefree attitude that all of us go into the summer with. The juicy pineapple and lemon waft create a freshness which intensifies the one flower and salted coconut. The Tahitian gardenia adds an essential floral feel which makes the entire experience of this perfume incredibly breathtaking making it the best smelling perfume for her.

This perfume is guaranteed to put you in a light carefree mood and it will enhance your overall vacation experience by adding delicious notes of sugar cane and white floral realness.

The great thing about this perfume is that it comes with sustainable and biodegradable packaging. The perfume formulas do not contain phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and any synthetic dies. The product is an ethical and socially responsible one which is why it ranks even higher on our list best smelling perfume for her.

Essentials Lazy Summer Fragrance Mist 


  • A lazy summer perfume is not just a perfume, it is a mood and by wearing it you don’t only smell exquisite you can also express yourself.
  • These notes of coconut, pineapple, and lemon were never mixed together this well. It is one of the best smelling perfumes for her.
  • Packaging is not going to end up in the landfill and we are definitely catering to the zero waste community with this one.
  • This perfume doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals which makes it a safer option as well as compared to other perfumes notes.


Perfume packaging is quite beautiful and especially if you’re someone who likes to collect perfume bottles, but the problem with the packaging is that it is not at all travel friendly. The vial can be thrown into an everyday carry.

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3. Lavanila The Healthy Fragrance. 

The Lavanila is yet another overdose of vanilla and coconut scents and one of the best smelling perfume for her. The perfume has the rich notes of Tahitian Tiare flower and the warm Madagascar vanilla which make wearing this perfume an absolute escape. The scent is warm and addictive while also being long-lasting and rich. The formula is free of harmful chemicals such as phthalates, parabens. The formula is infused with vitamins so instead of irritating your skin, you might find it enriching and its also cruelty-free which something we love about perfumes is.

Founder, Danielle Raynor, has been an advocate for healthy beauty products for over a generation now. The Lavinila is also one of the best women’s perfume according to men.

Lavanila The Healthy FragrancePros

  • The best women’s perfume according to men.
  • The coconut oil and vitamins in the formula are very good for skin whereas most perfumes contain skin irritants.
  • It is made sustainably ensuring that it doesn’t harm the planet
  • This perfume is made ethically ensuring that it doesn’t harm any animal in the process.


  • The perfume is quite similar to the Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Spray Perfume and if you have that already, we would recommend buying the exact same scent.

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4. Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Perfume Spray, clear , 3.4 oz

Ariana Grande is known for coming out with a playful, feminine scent and Cloud is by far her most uplifting scent which makes it one of the best women’s perfume according to men. It is a scent for those that want to express themselves artistically. The addictive scent opens up with lavender blossom, juicy pear, and an exquisite addition of bergamot. The annual, and crème de coconut make it incredibly sweet and dreamy. The scent has a layer of sensual musk, creamy woods that give an almost royal allure to the scent.

Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Perfume Spray, clear , 3.4 oz


  • The best women’s perfume according to men.
  • It is quite concentrated and the scent is long-lasting
  • Mixture of bergamot, musk, and coconut is truly unique and flattering
  • This scent comes in an adorable package which is ideal for gifting someone or adding to your perfume collection


  • This scent has the ability to confuse people. The mix of citrusy in warm scent isn’t appealing to everyone.
  • It’s packaging although quite adorable doesn’t fit an everyday carry and is too decorative for functionality.

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5. Hawaiian Tropic Golden Paradise Fragrance Body Mist 8.4 floz

The Hawaiin Tropic Golden Paradise Fragrance is a mouthful and you may wonder what the perfume is offering when it is claiming so much. It is one of the best Coconut perfumes for women. The fragrance is a light mist, infused with a creamy coconut allure. The warm and sandy A lightly scented fragrance mist, infused with warm sand and creamy coconut. The perfumists have designed these sandy, coconut perfumes so that people can wear them all over the body as it is a mist more so than a perfume making it one of the best Coconut perfumes for women.

Hawaiian Tropic Golden Paradise Fragrance Body Mist


  • This scent is rich with possibilities, making it one of the best Coconut perfumes for women
  • The perfume smells amazing and has a delicious summery scent
  • It is a rich combination of notes making it one of the best Coconut perfumes for women


  • The perfume isn’t packaged sustainably and there is no information made available by the manufacturers as to whether or not it is vegan or cruelty-free.

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We hope you have found this list of top 5 best coconut perfumes helpful. You can not get over these coconut scents easily and you can use them into the fall and winter months as well. In fact, coconut is a year-round scent if you are really craving the sweet scent of it.

Let us know in the comments below, what you think of the scents and which count perfume re you thinking about buying next?

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