Top 5 Best Calvin Klein Colognes for Men In 2022 - Reviews

Calvin Klein is among the best designer brands out there and their perfumes for men are some of the most luxurious in the world. The brand has a very clean and crisp style. The scents represents clean and simple designs and if you are more on the sophisticated side, you will love the amazing Top 5 best Calvin Klein colognes they provide.

Think sophisticated, think modern. The Calvin Klein formula to create perfumes for men is just to find the smell of modernity and sophistication. Something you will expect Harvey Specter to wear or better yet, Barney Stinson. It is a chic and modern range of scents that you will love if you are someone who likes to be a little more elegant than necessary.

The buyers guide lines can fulfill your plan about indulging in the Calvin Klein range of perfumes for men.

If you are wondering where to buy cologne, we recommend you find the nearest Calvin Klein outlet and try out a fragrance for yourself. They have launched some of the most amazing scents and all of them have the clean, cool and sophisticated vibe that everyone enjoys.

The fragrances are amazing and suit customers in all walks of life. Best advice you’ll get regarding perfumes and the where to buy cologne: Calvin Klein is the answer.

Buyer’s guide

Calvin Klein has some of the most desirable scents that you can wear from day to night. If you were wondering where to buy cologne that you never have to be indecisive with, this is it. 

The Perfumes are deliciously mixed while ensuring that nothing is over done. For those who are looking to find where to buy cologne, muted notes are actually the smartest approach because you can always build on the fragrance if you require.

Mutes notes signify power and prestige which is what makes for an inspiring blend that is hard to forget.

The packaging of the perfume bottles is simple but beautiful because it is designed as a minimalist. The fragrances all stand out, with unforgettable notes and themes and will transform how you look and perceive fragrances altogether. Calvin Klein always provides long lasting perfumes and the overall quality and its aesthetics  will not disappoint you. So here is top 5 best Calvin Klein Colognes.

1.Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette is a tantalizing, masculine scent that is perfect for the modern man. With top notes of bergamot and lemon, middle notes of cardamom and clove, and base notes of amber and musk, this fragrance is both bold and intriguing. The sleek, black bottle with silver accents embodies the confidence of the Calvin Klein man, making it the perfect addition to your cologne collection.

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette


• tantalizing, masculine scent

• perfect for the modern man

• bold and intriguing

• sleek, black bottle with silver accents

• embodies the confidence of the Calvin Klein man


• may be too strong for some

• not all will like the scent

• can be expensive

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2. Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Parfum, 3.3 Oz

Calvin Klein’s Eternity Eau de Parfum is a signature scent that will allow you to transition beautifully from day to night. If you are wondering how to put cologne on that works throughout the day, this is the answer.

This perfume is a romantic scent that will beautifully engulf you with mandarin, freesia and many other flowers. The sandalwood leaves lingering floral aroma to tribute the romanticism of this perfume. The bottle is an exquisite silver bottle that has an affectionate and enduring fragrance.

Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Parfum, 3.3 Oz


  • This is an incredibly long lasting perfume
  • The scent is beautifully floral and calming to the nerves
  • You cannot go wrong with this perfume because of how classy it smells
  • The scent is quite long lasting and you will notice the great pay off.


  • Eternity bottle has exquisite design but it is not ideal for throwing in your everyday carry.

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3. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Eau de Parfum

The Calvin Klein Eternity for Men is an aromatic scent that captivates anyone easily.  Carlos Benaim produced the scent and his vision was to create something that would engulf you in absolutely amazing floral, citrus and sweet scents.

Calvin Klein eternity perfume has strong notes such as amber, rosewood and musk at the base as the perfume has sweet scents like juniper, lily and orange blossom. The top notes are of bergamot, lemon and coriander. These notes make for a delicious mix that cannot be ignored easily. If you are new to perfumes and you don’t know how to put cologne on, we recommend you use this because this scent is a no brainer.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Eau de Parfum


  • The perfume is  the brainchild of the famous Carlos Benaim which is why you cannot underestimate its quality.
  • Great for someone who is new to scents and doesn’t know how to put cologne on.
  • This perfume is a great mix of sweet, floral and citrusy scents.
  • Packaging is adorable and really competes with the Eternity Eau de parfum.


  • Eternity has a fellow contender from among the house of Calvin Klein and most customers may not even realize that there is a difference between the two as the scent, packing and overall theme is also quite similar.

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4. Calvin Klein intense euphoria for Men 

Calvin Klein Intense Euphoria is a captivating scent as it  lights up the room and gives you a boost of confidence by simply how exquisite it smells. This perfume will make you question what you know about how long does perfume last?

The refreshing scent is mixed bold and woodsy notes coupled with spices and a surprising gust of cherry blossoms.

The scent is bold and addictive providing a natural ambiance of amber that compliments the woodsy and spicy notes. And if you are wondering  how long does perfume last when it is a Calvin Klein one, it lasts forever.

Calvin Klein intense euphoria for Men


  • How long does perfume last, the Intense Euphoria lasts forever.
  • This scent is incredibly addictive and will invite lot of attention wherever you go
  • It is bold and inhibiting but also mature and sophisticated which is a unique combination.


  • The fragrance has a contemporary sexual appeal which is why you may find that it is not appropriate for everyday wear or even formal, day time events.

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5.Calvin Klein Ck One Eau De Toilette

Fruity and citrusy, CK One by Calvin Klein is a unisex fragrance that can be enjoyed by everyone. It features notes of pineapple, papaya, bergamot, and lemon, followed by middle notes of jasmine, violet, and orchid. With musk and amber at the base, this 6.7-ounce eau de toilette spray is perfect for everyday wear.

Calvin Klein Ck One Eau De Toilette


• Unisex fragrance
• Enjoyed by everyone
• Features notes of pineapple, papaya, bergamot, and lemon
• Middle notes of jasmine, violet, and orchid
• Musk and amber at the base


• Some may find the scent too strong
• May not be appropriate for more formal occasions
• Not everyone enjoys fruity or citrusy scents

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This concludes our list of Top 5 best Calvin Klein colognes picks. Are you intrigued to delve into the Calvin Klein house of perfumes just yet? Or are you simply a fan of their couture. Let us know in the comments below what you think of Calvin Klein Perfumes and which ones you would recommend?

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